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Dennis Jaheruddin is a Data professional. On this site he gathers his thoughts on technology.
In his daily life he wears many hats and contributes to several communities, therefore you can expect content here about IT Architecture, Real Time Processing and everything related to Data.
Dennis loves sharing, but building understanding is a prerequisite, therefore he will share some insight into how he acquired his knowledge. Check out the sections of this site, or visit his profesional profile.


The Total Cost of Cloud

Understand the TCO structure of running any Big Data solution in the cloud. Whether in Azure, AWS, GCP or even other cloud environments.

The best tool to MOVE your Data

The Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) has many tools to move data, I help you pick the right one in a few steps with this infographic.

Where to STORE Big Data

Storing data in the right place makes your life much easier. I have mapped out the options in the Cloudera ecosystem in this short guide.

Worlds first game on NiFi

NiFi is a great tool for moving data. In this article I showcase how flexible this tool can be by building a interactive multiplayer game!

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